SELF DEFENSE ✌Techniques of Self Defense in today's modern society, everyone should know Self Defense is very important Specially when we talk about women and children, then they should know about the techniques of Self Defense so that when they need it they Could.
The things that you should always have with you, their pictures is shown below:- Now-a-days people often are the soft target of chain-snatchers, kidnappers, even rapist to certain extent or terrorist with increasing crimes in some cities (not all cities)
Pay attention and notice­čśÄYes! Notice every single thing when you are going some where.Notice who is staring at you.Notice who is walking behind you and how long 
Walk Confidently­čĺ¬When you feel like something is going to happen with you, then you should walk confidently Because you body language can help you in avoiding such a situation.

Avoide eye contact­čĹÇYou should avoid eye contact with any one while walking but you should observe the people.
Never give them a second ch…